How To Ship A Non-operable Car?


Auto-shipping is not the same, especially when your car is not running. It is not a challenge to ship non-operable car but make a difference. Normally, the car is driven directly on and off the trailer.

What’s a non-operable car?

A non-operable car does not start or cannot be driven onto and off the trailer safely because of structural problems. The vehicle is non-operable due to mechanical failure or collision damage. All non-operable cars are not broken-down.

The majority of the time there are classic cars that need to be transported for renovation in another part or a seller needs to transport the collectible car to the buyer in another state. Classic and exotic cars carry sentimental and financial value, so the owners have to make sure about their transport process.

As the car is not running it cannot be driven directly but will need –

  • A winch is to be pulled onto the trailer.
  • A liftgate or forklift is needed if the car cannot brake, roll or steer

A reliable transporting company will help you get your non-running car safely to the needed destination within the US. Contact them from the link – They have experience in transporting non-operable cars safely. They carry the right kind of equipment required for car accommodation.

How to transport a non-operable car?

Even if the car is not operating, there are things you will need to consider like transport service type. Open carrier and enclosed transport are two options you get even with non-operable cars. Open transport is a great option for non-operable cars. If you are transporting a high-end or classic car then the choice is clear.

Time-wise or financially no factors make sense. Enclosed carrier accessibility is a challenge and you are planning to transport a non-operable car. However, the choice is subjective but make sure to hire a reliable and experienced auto transport company for safe and secure loading and loading of your non-operable vehicle.

Cost of non-operable car shipping is high

When you transport a fully operational car the factors like distance, starting point, destination, speed, enclosed or open, door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal, time of year, and your car size & dimension matter.

In the same way, with an inoperable car, all these factors are accounted for. So expect to pay $100 more against the special equipment, efforts, and scarcity of carriers having winches/liftgates. Having your non-operable vehicle assigned to some suitable carrier will take longer. If time is crucial then have the car repaired and shipped traditionally.

Inform the company in advance about car’s condition

If you ignore discussing the non-operable condition of the car with the auto transport company because of the high quotes then you will find yourself paying extra charges. It is true when the trucker arrives to pick up the car and finds it not running. It will frustrate the driver because his trip got wasted and you will find the car still in the same spot. It is sensible to discuss the car’s condition in advance.

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