Top reasons to contact a Wisconsin family law attorney


No one wants to deal with a lawyer, often because it means engaging with the legal system, which is never good news. However, there are situations when you need an attorney more than ever. Besides criminal law, there is another branch of law that requires as much attention. We are referring to family law. If you are wondering whether it’s time to consult a Wisconsin family law attorney, we have a few pointers below.

  • Divorce: If you are contemplating divorce, you need legal support and advice, even when you are on the same page as your spouse. Besides being a stressful time, divorce could have a profound impact on your family relationships. Many issues need attention, and even when things don’t sound as bad, you have to take steps to protect your rights.
  • Child Custody & Visitation: Children often suffer the consequences when parents decide to separate, and child custody, visitation schedule, and other things may crop up as significant issues. You need a family lawyer when your divorce concerns a battle between you and your spouse regarding children.
  • Child Support: In a divorce, child support is as bad of an issue as child custody. Usually, the parent who doesn’t have the primary custody of the kids is required to pay for child support in Wisconsin. There is a formula that courts use to determine what a parent pays to the other, but other critical pointers could also have a role. If you need child support for caring for the kids, talk to a lawyer, and they can help you understand the financial situation better.
  • Division of Property and Assets: Wisconsin is a community property state, which means assets and debts are usually divided equally between spouses. As such, you need to know what you rightfully deserve and how to fight for your interests, especially if you don’t expect support or cooperation from your spouse.
  • Paternity: In many divorces, paternity testing is a concern, and these are not things you can discuss with the family. You need an attorney who can answer questions about paternity and ensure that all due steps are followed.

Final word

No matter what situations you are dealing with, it is best to have a lawyer you can trust for their experience and expertise. Choose a lawyer based in your city in Wisconsin and schedule the first appointment, which doesn’t have to cost much, especially when you want to get preliminary advice.

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